• Showing Contact Details in a Task
    Requirements like this crop up pretty regularly, and while most cases are straightforward, this particular example had an additional wrinkle: instead of working with a standard lookup field, we are unable to say, for any given Task, whether it relates to a Lead or a Contact. We have some new tools in our belt now, … Read more
  • The Cost of Internal Resources
    It’s important to remember when setting up a project, that the internal resources who will be involved are not free. Consultants should always remember that their clients do not live and breathe Salesforce; The time they’re devoting to discovery sessions, progress reviews and UAT is time they’re taking away from their “proper” jobs, and shouldn’t be treated lightly…
  • How much do Salesforce Consultants cost?
    In terms of project costs, it’s important to remember the fast, good, cheap model: “You can have it fast, good and cheap, but you can only pick two.” – In essence, this means that you have to play off the speed of delivery, the cost of delivery and the features being delivered against each other. In truth, any given project will involve a balance of these factors…
  • How much do Salesforce licences cost?
    List price for Salesforce licences is as follows:
    • Salesforce Essentials: £20 per user per month (£240 per annum per user)
    • Professional Edition: £60 per user per month (£720 per annum per user)
    • Enterprise Edition: £120 per user per month (£1,440 per annum per user)
    • Unlimited Edition: £240 per user per month (£2,880 per annum per user)
    • Platform Starter / Platform Plus: £20 / £80 per user per month (depending on requirements; only available on Enterprise and Unlimited orgs.)
    Non-profit pricing is highly discounted; definitely worth a call to discuss.
  • Inspirational quote…
    Miss Tick sniffed. “You could say this advice is priceless,” she said, “Are you listening?”
    “Yes,” said Tiffany.
    “Good. Now… If you trust in yourself…”
    “…and believe in your dreams…”